Sunday, 7 July 2013

23.06.13 - 07.07.13

Things have progressed over the last fortnight, our treadmill appointment on Sunday 30th June, saw Dr. Needham at Glenside Vet Clinic showing some additional exercises to help with Jessie's stiffness, her hips are the real area of concern as she was born with "straight" hips rather than hips at 90 degree angles, so she walks very straight.

Our goal is to ease the tightness for Jess to make it easier for her to sit and for the long term make her legs more flexible.  Marty is going well, but he is quite tight on the inner thigh as he is using additional muscles while walking.

Their second attempt at treadmill was alot better than the week before.  We were pleased.  We are using a heatpack twice a day on the guys to warm their muscles and then doing stretches, flexes and sit and stand exercises.  If you push Jess to far it does hurt, so we are careful to just take her to the right level.  Marty's attention span is the problem, he is just not tolerable to the exercises, but trust me we persist!!!!

My sister and I think they have done really well over the previous week.  They went back to treadmill today 7th July and the vet said there was noticeable improvement, but we must keep persuing it and working with the guys. The sit and stand is the most important exercises as well as he small flexes.

The treadmill was a delight today, they both understand it now, no so scared and both did 4.5 minutes each of walking.....which is really good.  Their walking was alot more defined and their movement was good. 

It is so rewarding to watch these little see just 3 weeks ago, they were so scared of the water and today they ran into the treadmill room.....

It shows how much the after operation care is, the twice daily exercises is imperative to these doggies long term success, together with good nutrition and rose hip powder and fish oil - their bodies need to be looked after.

Pretty proud Foster Mumma, I am.

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