Saturday, 13 July 2013

Everyday the duo have be patient (Jessie a little more so!) they have their own wheat packs that we heat up and they love the warmth on their back and legs, then my sister and I do twice daily massages on their muscles, they get stiff quite quickly as other muscles have been used more to save pressure on their operated knees.  Last week Jess also had some laser heat therapy which really seemed to help her.

I put the wheat packs in their beds at night too, the doggies love it - they sleep all night nice n snug.

Last night we did our third treadmill/hydro, Jessie did really well, she is less stressed and doing the movements well.  Marty wasn't as good tonight, he was stressed and really just wanted to swim rather than walk in the water....

This afternoon they had their fourth professional massage with Griselda and I was so proud of both of them, they did their stretches really well, Marty was much more relaxed.

I cannot state enough how important these two rehab procedures are - these little babes have had major procedures and the rehabilitation is imperative to a long and healthy life.  We all need an oil and tune and animals are no different.  If we have knee surgery we have physio etc afterwards, all the muscles of their body are affected and maintenance is required.

Jess has found her new home and I have started packing her bags - it is a hard feeling to describe, I saved this munchkin from a pound where no one wanted to pay to have her surgery done, she was born with straight hips, which affected her knees.  Her knees are now normal as possible, but her hips and muscles will always need attention, just simply massage and heat packs, a small sacrifice to have a delightful gal in your life.  I believed in her and to watch her progress over these months makes me realise why the job of rescue is so important, how many gorgeous souls would go by un noticed?

The job of rescue is hard, but also just so rewarding, I know Jess has a long, long life ahead her with a family that will adore her and that are willing to keep up her rehabilitation ..... It will be a hard goodbye but when each one leaves they leave a little of piece of them in my heart, they are never ever forgotten.

Marty has still got a bit of rehab to do too, we are still unsure if the other leg will need surgery down the track.  He is also having some treatment to calm him down, he has alot of male hormones that need controlling, he is an adorable little man, but he will be booked in for training sessions in the coming months too!

As panicked as I was months ago about what was in-store, I look now at how far they have come, I am so grateful to the wonderful supporters of Moving Paws and their donations that enable us to help these precious ones at their second chance.

Photos below:
1. Hydrotherapy treadmill at Glenside Vet
2. Jessie having a much needed shoulder stretch from Aunty Gris
3. Jess n Marty have a relax after their massages
4. Jess taking a stretch after her treadmill session
5. Marty enjoying his massage
6. Video of Jessie doing so well on the treadmill

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