Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jess and Marty Update - 16.06.13-22.06.13


Well this week I can breath!
Last Sunday Jess and Marty had their second massage with Griselda from Doggy Bliss - things seemed to be improving....Jess fell asleep during her session - once she has settled and her legs have been attended too, its time to relax and enjoy....
Marty is a wiggle bum, but he did really well - he has a short attention span, but Griselda works wonders with him and we certainly get a lot from the sessions.

Monday was Jess second cartrofen injection and she was back walking on her back right leg, I felt so much better, the vet was happy - It was me that was panicking!

Marty can still be lazy at times and when he wants to get somewhere fast, he hops/runs on three legs - it is all about getting him to slow down, walk properly and use the leg.

They have their daily short walks and stretches, Jess does well, wiggle bum is a little harder to get to sit still!

The week went well and we were very happy.  Today, Saturday 22nd - we had our first underwater treadmill session.  I had done this previously with my own bub, Toby when he had patella surgery quite a few years ago, I know the ropes and I know the benefits.

Off to the vet we went, Jess was first into the small puddle of water to get herself use to the situation, she was scared and not loving it at all, we reassured her and put water in the treadmill, she did a few minutes walking, but she was nervous and not really liking her feet in the water, we didn't push her.  What I am going to do is walk her in my bath tub to get her use to the feeling of water and walking, this should help her relax more with the situation.

Marty was running around while Jess was having her session and then when it was his time, his brakes came on.....he popped himself in and was fine walking around in the puddles (a daily occurance for him, but its normally mud!) we put the water in and he just wasn't sure at all.  We took our time and I help him either side with my hands while the treadmill began, he seemed happier with a bit of pressure on him and he used his back leg really well for the 2minutes we worked him.  The rest of the time they walk casually in the water.

The water helps the leg be used without the pressure of the ground - it is a great thing and we are lucky to have a vet in Adelaide with the service.

The vet feels that Jessie's legs are still quite stiff, even though she uses them, she is not bending her knee correctly just yet and the treadmill is going to benefit her greatly, once we get her use to it.

We are booked in next Sunday for round 2 and this Thursday will be massage number 3 with Aunty Griselda.

So proud of my pumpkins!

Photos attached are massage number 2 and treadmill session number 1 and Marty in the car on the way home - tired, tired, tired!

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