Friday, 14 June 2013

08.06.13 to 14.06.13

Well, the best way to sum this week up is - disappointment. 
Jessie hasn't really used her right leg all week. I saw a change on Sunday and she visited the vet on Monday, they put her back on anti inflammatory tablets and gave her a cartrofen injection (she will have 4 / one a week).
The vet explained the right leg was the worse side and more work was performed on that knee. 
We had to ease the exercises and cut back the depth of the stretches. 
It was easy to see it wasn't comfortable for Jess when my sister and I did her twice daily exercises. 
We are a bit sad because up until last weekend she has been fantastic, you start doubting yourself, did we do something wrong? But then you have to think if the extensive scope of the procedure that had been performed on her knees. 

Marty uses his leg, but not as much as he should! I think he is just being a tad lazy? I know it would be stiff for him, but when we do his stretches the movement is great, but he really is such a wiggle bum, to keep him still enough to do the stretches is a miracle, he really doesn't enjoy them. 

Walking - Marty loves it! Getting him just to walk slow and use his leg properly is near impossible! Even before the operation he would hop faster than any of the other dogs could run....I persist and when we do we see improvement. 
Jess hasn't been great with walking, she holds her right leg up all the time :(

We have massage number 2 this Sunday with Griselda from Doggy Bliss so will be interesting to hear her thoughts. Monday is Jessie's second cartrofen injection and vet check. 

Fingers crossed there is improvement this week for my cherubs!!! 

Photo attached is the two of them texting in front of the heater, there is part of them that is close, they understand each other! 

No change in their personalities they at both as cheeky and naughty as usual!!! 

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