Monday, 27 May 2013


Last night we didn't get a lot of sleep, but Jessie was so brave, she whimpered most of the night, but I think it was just because she was wondering what the hell was going on?
She did have bits of sleep and slept well during those times.
At Midnight I heard pitter patter of feet and thought it was one of my other dogs but Jessie was up and trying to exit through the doggy door for her business....I was gob smacked, she was up and about just hours after such a huge operation.
She had learnt to put all her weight on her front two legs and hold her back ones up - so cute!
By this morning, she was placing some weight on her back right foot which was just so encouraging.  She even refused for me to pick her up and help her with my back steps - I left her to her own devices (while carefully watching - though she didn't know) but she got herself up and back inside.
The souls of these gorgeous creatures never cease to amaze me - they are such fighters and full of hope.
She is at the vet today being watched to make sure her pain levels are ok etc - so I'm at work and doing remarkably well so far considering the lack of stress and the strain on my heart watching little people in distress.

Today Marty was also dropped at the vet for his double patella surgery - he was full of beans - he is such a character that boy, I told him to be strong and brave like Jessie.  Everything is ready for their joint arrival home tonight, I feel a little better prepared knowing what is in store, even though each doggy reacts differently.

I have the next three days off work to be with the munchkins to help them and support them as much as they need.

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