Monday, 27 May 2013

Jessie's op day

Jessie had her op today, I thought about her every hour. 
I got to collect her from the vet at 7pm. Got the run down from the vet and shown on a model what the op entailed. 
Jessie was so sleepy and quiet as she had been given pain relief for the night. 
I asked if she needed anxiety meds too as my own doggy had patella surgery a few years ago and he was pain free but was totally freaked out and I had to take him to the emergency vet for some relaxation meds. The vet didn't feel it was needed but I could give to her if I felt so during the night. 
Once in the car she began crying, scared and not a happy girl. 
I got her home gave her some dinner with her med (as instructed),and tried a couple of wee stops. 
Jessie was trying to walk already! I was gobbed smacked, doggies are so resilient. 
I got her sleeping arrangements ready (with the wonderful help of my sister) next to me in the bedroom, she was still distressed and it's hard to ignore. 
Jessie had wet the bed... Of course we knew this was going to happen poor bubba. Nice clean wipe and fresh bedding, her anxiety grew. 
I was feeling her pain, down to the kitchen and a Xanax in custard...that went down a treat! 10 mins on and we are resting.....crying has stopped. 
I am now convinced, anxiety meds are a must after ops! Why let animals suffer - its not necessary. Sleeping is healing!
Lets hope darling Jessie gets a good nice rest (and me too!). 
Tomorrow, it's Martys turn! 

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