Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Marty's Op Time

Well yesterday it was Marty's turn for his patella ops and Jessie spent the day being monitored at the vet clinic.

When I spoke with the vet, she had only operated on one of Marty's patellas, she had found that their grades had improved since his examination and that it was worth holding out to see how he goes with his rehab on this knee and we will access how he is using his back left over the next few months.

Part of me was so relieved, but part of me is thinking, please don't let him have to have another op down the track.

Jessie was fantastic at the vet, quiet and used the time to recoup.  Once home we got the duo` settled - one each side of the bed.  Marty was so sleepy, he had his dinner (which was all over his face!) and then straight back to sleep.  Jessie made her way over and spent some time next to Marty (just like a big sister would - animals are so healing).  Jessie only made murmurs when she moved over in her sleep - I was amazed at both of them.  They both slept solidly through the night.

At 7am Marty woke to let me know he wanted cuddles on the bed, he popped up snuggled and back to sleep...then Jessie went from her bed into Marty's.  We had an early brekky to get their meds into their system and a very quiet day - it was hard to do to much as they follow me everywhere and I really wanted them to do some healing today.

They are both getting themselves outside for their business and both spent a bit of time laying in the sun this morning which was gorgeous.

Jessie is placing some more weight on her back right leg, still holding the left one up and Marty is almost back to normal in his personality (still a bit groggy!) but running around on three legs - nothing stops that guy!

The vet said really not to expect anything in the first week, but I really did think I would be holding them while they did their business and helping them down stairs and inside and outside the house - but they are so mobile so quickly.  When I go to help Jessie she gets mad at me - she wants to do it herself, she only wants to be picked up if it's cuddle time.

They both got cuddle time today, their Aunty Judy came over and they sat in the sun with lots of loving.  The other crew members are great - Jessie had play time with Daisy and Daisy was that extra bit softer in the tugging department - but still enough to be fun - sometimes I wish humans has more of their compassion.

Our dear friends at Dog Gone Walking and Minding have given Jess and Marty their own supply of Rose Hip powder to assist with their bone recovery and arthritis - we are so happy!

Tomorrow Griselda from Doggy Bliss will be coming over to say hello to them and we will work out a rehab program for them both.  Rehabilitation is the most important thing, no point in going through the pain if we don't follow through to make sure these cherubs get the best results.

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