Friday, 31 May 2013


I can say enough how scared I was that these two little ones were going to have such big operations, but each hour they never cease to amaze me.

On Thursday Griselda from Doggy Bliss came to visit them both and see their progress, she too was impressed at how far they had come in such little time.  We put together a massage/rehab program from them both that will last 8-10 weeks depending on their progress (starting next Thursday).  After Grissy left the two of them (and the others) sat quietly with me while I did Moving Paws paperwork, they are so self sufficient, getting around so well.  No pain relief today for Jessie or Marty - which is amazing!  Jess even started to weight bear on both back legs, she had been holding the left leg up until now.  Last night when I saw her walking (woddling) I couldn't get to my phone quickly enough to show everyone!

Marty is back to himself, but he is behaving himself (he is one cheeky boy!), they are resting as much as required (helping me with lots of book keeping!).  I can see Jessies personality coming through as well her cheeky barking at the other doggies has returned!

Today, Friday was a yucky day, rained all day so it was a perfect day for them not to do too much.  Jess had fresh bandages put on this afternoon, her little legs make the bandages slip down, the vet was pretty impressed too that she walked in..... Marty's legs are a big chunkier and the bandage is doing ok, although he was licking a little bit where it was itching, but I have stopped that with some cream.  The biggest thing with Marty is watching him so he doesn't jump off the couch or bed, he thinks he is back to normal.....but he is doing pretty good!

I am so lucky that I haven't had to confine them to a play pen (even though I had purchased two ready to go) I use them to block of the lounge room so they have this whole area and they have been so well behaved and so much better than all the articles I had read on the double patella surgery.  I am sure there are a few little people upstairs helping these munchkins through (one in particular, my little man, Toby - he had this procedure himself).

Like I said before I had been dreading this week - I hate seeing little ones in pain, but apart from the first night when Jessie had some anxiety so far it has been nothing but uplifting to watch such gorgeous souls go through such huge procedures with smiles on their whiskas!  I have enjoyed being at home with them, helping them, encouraging them and finally catching up on all the charity bookwork - it is never ending!

Cheers, Deb.

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